Visceral Manipulation

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Project Description

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation (VM) is a gentle, hands on approach to decrease restrictions in the viscera or internal organs of the body. These restrictions can be related to scar tissue, injury, trauma or the wear and tear of daily living. The entire body is evaluated and the specific area causing the restriction is identified through the use of specific, manual palpative techniques. The therapist feels for limitations or changes in normal movement within the viscera and restricted movement in the entire body. Using specific VM techniques, the restrictions are released so the body can then restore itself to normal functioning.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral, an osteopathic physician and physical therapist from France, developed the techniques of VM. Dr. Barral began teaching his techniques in the United States in 1985. Dr. Barral heads the Barral Institute and courses of his techniques are taught world wide. For further information about Dr. Barral and his techniques use this link.


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