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Craniosacral manipulation is a gentle form of manipulation that involves releasing restrictions in connective tissue that surrounds the spine and head. This method requires a general evaluation of the entire body and restrictions are found based on changes and limitations of normal body functioning. The therapy is a catalyst to help the body adjust itself by removing restirctions.

This gentle, hands on manipulation is based on the works of Dr. William Sutherland, an osteopath. He began working on this method in the early 1900’s and called his techniques Cranial Osteopathy. Dr. John Upledger began his work in the 70’s. He also learned of Sutherlands work and discovered the craniosacral rhythm, a hydraulic system within the spinal cord and brain involving the cerebrospinal fluid. The therapy involves palpating this subtle rythm through out the body, finding restrictions, and using gentle manipulation to increase mobility of the tissues. For further information about Dr. Upledger and craniosacral therapy, check out this link.


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