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Our Story

Kempke physical therapy started in 2011, in coordination with Contact physical therapy. Patients with chronic pain, gastric pain and issues involving fascia and connective tissues had limited treatment options and traditional physical therapy options often failed to find the deeper body issues. Sheri is skilled in both traditional physical therapy treatments and manual specialty techniques which are used to find specific restrictions that are contributing to or the cause of chronic pain.  Relieving pain is a primary concern, as often normal daily activities and recreational activities become impossible because of the limitations caused by pain. Finding the root cause of the pain is the goal and a return to normal, functional daily life is the outcome. We listen carefully to your health story and your goals and with your input, devise a treatment plan to help you reach these goals.

This website contains many valuable resources that you may use to understand the types of therapy that we offer at Kempke Physical Therapy. Please look thorough our website, and the many treatments that we provide to our patients, in order to help them meet their goals of a healthy and active lifestyle. I feel that education about your condition and lifestyle choices that impact your condition are an important part of your treatment session.

Each therapy treatment session is one hour; evaluation may require 90 minutes and includes hands on techniques, a home exercise prescription, and education as needed. The exercises are not extensive, do not require expensive equipment, but are focused to your particular problem. The home program may be modified as needed at each visit.

Kempke Physical therapy is affiliated with Contact Physical Therapy, and appointments are made through Contact’s business office. Physical therapy sessions are performed at the Mesa Contact Physical Therapy office, 4850 Baseline Road Suite 114, just west of Higley Road.

Kempke Physical Therapy Values

Kempke PT was founded by Sheri Kempke PT in August 2011. She is affiliated with Contact Physical Therapy and practices out of the Contact Physical Therapy Mesa location.
The purpose of Kempke Physical therapy is to provide physical therapy services to those who have not been successful with traditional therapy methods due to the uniqueness of their particular problem. We provide hands on, advanced therapy techniques that are specific to each individual. Education is a key component of the therapy, teaching the individual techniques and exercises that they can perform on their own to help facilitate their own wellness. Our goal is to reduce pain, increase mobility so the patient can function to the best of their ability in their environment.


“I have had chronic pain in my pelvic area and belly area for two years and have been to all the right doctors, tests, etc. but to no avail.  I was referred to Sheri in August 2016 and felt she was probably my last chance to find the source of all the pain…….and she did.

I can’t say how thankful I am that I found her!  It has been a long haul but my pain has decreased significantly since I did.  I now see light at the end of the tunnel.

Sheri cares deeply for her patients and is sensitive to their needs.  I truly do not know where I would be right now without her.  God has made her one of a kind with “magic” in her hands.”

Darla S - Apache Junction

I visited Kempke Physical therapy because of pain and stiffness in my left knee. I was unable to fully straighten my leg and not able to bend my knee as far as a right angle. Sheri diagnosed the problem as not only my knee but also involving my hip. She found spots in my leg and hip that were tight and manipulated them to release. Sheri also gave me exercises and stretches to do at home to improve my range of motion. I highly recommend Sheri and appreciate being able to walk and stand pain free.

K.T. Visitor from MN
I first saw Sheri after several years of having pain in my upper right abdomen and suffering from digestive problems. I had several endoscopies and a colonoscopy which did not help find a diagnosis for my issues. I also went on a very restrictive diet which helped a little, but not much. After my first visit, most of the abdominal pain went away and my gut settled down a considerable amount. I know I will continue to see her as needed because she is the only person in the medical field who has given me a reasonable explanation as to why I have the discomfort and the therapy she performs is the only positive help I have received. She really is the best. Sheri also worked on my shoulder after shoulder surgery. I am extremely pleased with the therapy I received. In a short amount of time I was able to attain full range of motion. I really did benefit from her skill as a PT and the personal attention she gave. On a scale of 1-10, I would give her an 11+!
Maria M. Mesa, AZ

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