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Reduce Pain increase mobility

We provide hands on, advanced therapy techniques that are specific to each individual.


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Welcome to Kempke Physical Therapy

Kempke physical therapy was started to help people who have chronic pain, gastric pain and limited mobility due to disorders and conditions involving fascia and connective tissue in the body. With direct hands on care and treatment, these fascial restrictions can be identified, treated and a program of graded exercises can help restore mobility and limit pain. Relieving pain is a primary concern, as often normal daily activities and recreational activities become impossible because of the limitations caused by pain. Finding the root cause of the pain is the goal and a return to normal, functional daily life is the outcome. We listen carefully to your health story and your goals and with your input, devise a treatment plan to help you reach these goals.


SHERI KEMPKEPhysical therapist
Sheri graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in physical therapy. She has worked in the field of physical therapy for almost 40 years, in a variety of settings including acute care, home health, extended care, schools and outpatient clinics. Over the years she has stayed active in the profession through numerous continuing education courses, ranging in topic from pediatrics to geriatrics, stroke rehabilitation to bodywork and taping courses. Sheri resides in Gilbert with her husband, and spends as much time as possible with her two adult children. Sheri enjoys going to the theater, exercising, and playing board games. She spends her free time doing a variety of art activities including paper crafting, art journaling and painting.


The goal of treatment is to reduce pain, increase mobility and return the individual to normal movement activities. A variety of techniques are used, based upon the evaluation and goals of the patient.

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